The Skills and Entrepreneurship Center (SEC) runs two main programs


Entrepreneurship Program

Our training programs are directly aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among black Canadians. Our entrepreneurship program not only provides practical help in the transition from normal employment to self-employment, but also helps existing small businesses to grow and prosper.

The training and information that start-ups need can include how to raise funds, legislation, choice of premises, taxation, simple accounting, hiring staff, marketing and social media, etc.
The coaching and mentoring program helps existing companies to have access to experienced mentors and online tutors in various business areas to improve productivity and performance.

Some of our training and workshops are: Access to Funding, Social Media Marketing, Writing a Business Plan, Health & Safety, Pitching a Project Successfully, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Career Growth, What Canada has to offer, Cafe Corners, Leading Projects, Project Management, Youth Leadership etc For upcoming events click here [Events Calendar]


Employment Program

This program has 03 components providing a pathway for improved professional development of black Canadians and immigrants

  • Employment Readiness
    We support black and brown Canadian job seekers to learn how to write first-class CVs, prepare for job interviews, and improve their readiness and confidence to enter the labor market.
  • Employment Training
    We train black and brown Canadian participants in a range of skills to prepare for employment in many of Canada’s high demand and leading jobs with Canada’s leading employers across industries.
  • Employment Placement
    We have an experienced team with the necessary networks and resources to assist our members in their job search. Our team continuously researches and updates our job banks and then matches the hiring needs of leading employers with qualified candidates.